10 reasons why you are smart… even though YOU don’t think so

"The problem with the world is that intelligent people are full of doubts while the stupid ones are full of confidence". So said prolific American writer & poet Charles Bukowski. And in a recent Business Insider article, they debate the notion that people who are unsure of their own intellect are actually smarter than they... Continue Reading →


A record-breaking Black Friday; Samsung might split in two, and more news.

 Record-breaking Black Friday: Online shopping over Thanksgiving weekend outpaced physical sales for the second year in a row, with an estimated 109 million people purchasing online compared to 99 million in stores. Black Friday alone passed the $3 billion mark for the first time. $1.2 billion of those Black Friday dollars came from mobile — ”the... Continue Reading →

My Trending Stories

Recently I got an email from a website called My Trending Stories. They seen my wordpress blog and invited me to become a contributing writer for their website because they thought the content I had was perfect for their site. Of course I couldn’t  turn that down. I am delighted to be part of the... Continue Reading →

Mulled wine – Glögg

Glögg is an essential part of the lead up to Christmas in Sweden with glögg parties are held throughout Advent. Indeed many Swedes attend two or three glögg parties every weekend in December! Glögg is the Swedish version of mulled wine, but it is not quite the same as mulled wine in other countries as... Continue Reading →

Designer on Print on Demand Webpages

Hello everyone, As a Designer on Zazzle and other Print on Demand Webpages it is easy to create some awesome Stuff like, Mugs, Shirts, Cards and many more! But nothing will happen if there is no Feedback from People like you. I would appreciate if someone will look in my Stores and give some comments.... Continue Reading →

Jansson’s temptation – Janssons frestelse

This creamy potato and fish gratin is called Janssons frestelse in Swedish, which means Jansson’s temptation (apostrophes don't exist in Sweden). The origin of the dish is not entirely clear as there are are a couple of theories. One is that it was named for a food-loving opera singer from the early 1900s, called Mr Janzon (his... Continue Reading →

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