Yoonla™ – my point of view 

Yoonla is an online business opportunity created by Reno Van Boven, who has been active in this area-digital business since 2006. He had created AutoaffiliateX which was the vehicle with which many entrepreneurs made a hit. In fact this system – yoonla is similar to the former one but evolved and even better.

At this time the yoonla system is in phase 1 what means if you join yoonla and get your system up and running , you will be able to get commissions up to 4 dollars per lead.

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In addition to that Reno has implemented another bonus structure and if somebody requests a custom setup after he/she signs ups , you get another 15 dollars . So you might get 19 dollars for a lead.

Above all that you get another 10 dollars if somebody from your signups refers somebody who upgrades-requests a custom setup.

These commissions are going to increase . You are going get for the direct referrals

30 dollars and 20 dollars for the 2nd downline.

So you might get 34 dollars for a single lead.

So there is a chance that this system will provide you a passive income as well.

Phase 1 evolves around CPA marketing. You can do so building your own list as well, building your own business at the same time , as you will have to create a getresponse account. You will also have to create a webhost account and buy a domain name.

Phase 2 is coming and will be about selling digital products to the leads you already obtained earlier.

You will also get to set up lead magnets on your own domain.

The lead magnets are :

email marketing excellence =4 downloads

twitter marketing excellence =4 downloads

youtube marketing excellence=4 downloads

Free training how to set everything up or request a custom set up, how to use get response, how to create landing pages with leadpages and how to drive traffic to the offer.

My take: This is as good as it can get. The next best thing is creating your own  product and sell it.

The offer is great, the system is one of the best out there around the money making niche. Maybe the best I’ve come across over the years, fortunately.

The only thing you’ll have to do is send quality traffic to the offer.

If you know how to do this , then this is for you and it is a great opportunity.

Downside :

If you don’t know how to do this there is training inside , suggesting udimi for solo ads, but I think this is not enough. It is only to give you a start with your commissions.


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