Yoonla™ Review – CPA Marketing made easy

Have you heard about something called Yoonla recently? Wonder what Yoonla is? A scam or a legit opportunity? Is it for beginners or make money online veterans? These and many other questions will get answered in my Yoonla review.

Yoonla Review

My In Depth Yoonla Review!

This is the first time that I doing a review of Yoonla. I mean I will give live review on Yoonla Program which generates great results for me personally and can help you to do the same.

Further as this is in pre-launch state, so as a beta tester I will give you my own results and tell you how I got them, Here we go!

Who is the Owner of Yoonla?

Reno Van Boven is the owner of Yoonla. He is New Zealand based internet entrepreneur and he started his first online venture back in 2006.

His first online project kicked-off with a small profitable success after just a few months of launching.

Barely 6 months later, Reno launched his second project with an incredible success.

Helping people from all over the world successfully launch their own online business, with some of his clients reaching 5 figure monthly revenue within just a few months. What Is It?

I had my first experience with Reno when he launched a program called Auto Affiliate X which in a way is similar to Yoonla but you can say that Yoonla is perfected and don’t have the flaws that Auto Affiliate X had.

The Auto Affiliate X program paid me hundreds of dollars per month and I expect Yoonla to multiply it many times over since the commissions are higher.

What is Yoonla?

In short, it is a custom funnel set up which you get for free. You don’t have to do anything and as an online coach I happen to know that the technical stuff with setting up a funnel is something that a lot of people don’t know how to do. With Yoonla you don’t have to worry about any of this.

They will do all the hard part right from setting up the lead capture page and autoresponder and they even launch a small advertising campaign to get you started to earn affiliate/CPA commission for you. A word of warning though, they do not do the promotion for you they just run  a small campaign. To get any results it is up to you to take action and follow the training in the videos Reno walk you through step by step.

You just need to get a domain/hosting as well as an autoresponder account with Getresponse for email marketing campaigns to connect the Yoonla foundation system. That’s it. Right!

I know, now you may think that you don’t want to get any of these but hey, it’s a business so you better treat it as such. Think of it like this, running an online business without an autoreponder and a hosting company is like running a restaurant without a kitchen, would you do that?

Note: As it’s in pre-launch state so you can apply now and they will let you know within the next 15 minutes if your application has been accepted.

If your application is successful then you will receive free unlimited lifetime access to the Yoonla™ Create a Digital Lifestyle platform.

Further you will need a domain/hosting account and auto-responder to connect to your Yoonla™ Foundation system, which you can set up inside the membership area.

What will you get for joining Yoonla?

  • Unlimited access to Yoonla Foundation System.
  • Yoonla Foundation software installed on your own personalized domain.
  • Digital done for you information products that you can promote and earn CPA commissions.
  • Personalized websites and high converting sales pages for 3 digital info products.
  • A complete integration of capturing leads on each of websites so you can build your lead subscriber list and can tap into that list to generate more commissions.
  • Complete automation process of your leads going into your digital sales funnel.
  • Personalized automation campaign so that you can generate commissions even after someone initially signed up (automated email campaign follow up sequence).
  • Integration of your digital marketing funnel with the Yoonla™ CPA affiliate program so you can earn up to $5 or more per membership lead.
  • Special marketing campaign so that everything will be kicked into motion right away and you can start building your lead subscriber list and generate commissions right from the start (within 24 hours).
  • Your affiliate account will be UPGRADED to the Yoonla™ VIP affiliate program where you will earn increased lead commissions plus 60% on any purchases your membership leads make inside Yoonla™.
  • You will get access to Yoonla™ VIP Marketers Mastermind Facebook group (Where you can learn how to excel as a digital entrepreneur and connect with other top digital marketers).

Before You Join:

I signed up for the program and got my login credentials via email.

Below you can see the screen shots.

CPA Marketing Made Easy


And surprisingly you’ll get all of this 100% free of charge.

Actually join Yoonla you will also get 5 Steps Video training series, it’s really laid out for you step by step.

  1. Preparation.
  2. Install Software.
  3. Digital Setup.
  4. Automation.
  5. Traffic Profit Formula.

All of the above training videos Reno Van Boven himself teaches you how to do this right.

The First video is an introduction about Reno Van Boven as well as about Yoonla Foundation System by Reno Van Boven himself.

In second Video training Reno teaches you how to purchase your hosting as well domain from Yahoo Aabac Small Business Account as well as Autoresponder  account with Getresponse. (Don’t do it now as you have to sign up through his links during the sign up process, this is how Reno can make it free for you, he gets a commission only for getting you the things you need any way.)

I really recommend that you go through all the videos as yoy will really understand how it works when doing so.

When logging in you will get a message looking like this:

“PLEASE NOTE! As you are one of the very first to have received pre-launch beta access to Yoonla™. You can wait approximately 3-5 days OR, we can offer to set everything up for you FREE of charge and have everything ready to go before everyone else.”

Note: I have purchased my hosting/domain with Yahoo Business Domain as well as GetResponse account and send the details to them through Custom Setup Form. Right!

Below you can see the email screenshots regarding my Custom Setup which I got directly from founder Reno Van Boven of Yoonla.




Really they did what they promised. Within 24 hours I got my custom setup on my domain. Great!

What I Liked:

There was actually a lot to like about this product as I know it will help a lot of people starting to make their first money online just like I once did with Auto Affiliate X.

First and foremost, the website really is free (no gimmicks), and you get paid to have other people sign up for free too. It’s called paid per lead and you earn anything from $2 – $8 per sign up depending on which country the user is based. Yes you heard right, you earn money without selling anything.

The instructions were very simple, the steps were laid out very clearly, it’s just THAT simple.

What is the Cost of Joining Yoonla?

Absolutely this Free to Join. There is no cost to Join.

Note: To set your own custom funnel, there is a cost for hosting/domain as well GetResponse (email marketing software).

For hosting/domain with Yahoo Abaco Small Business for one month cost is $9.99 as well set up fee is $9.95 so total cost is $19.94 and after that $9.95/month.

For creating GetResponse account the cost is $15 p.m for 1000 subscriber, don’t think just get it!

Again let me clear this, to join Yoonla Program there is no cost but if you want to apply forCustom Setup from them then you have to pay for hosting/domain as well GetResponse account. Ok!

They are not charging anything for setting up your own custom funnel. Its absolutely free.

My Verdict.

To me as an experienced marketer it looks genuine and legit and as I worked with Reno in the past I can assure you that he pays and its on time.

As I always said before doing anything online always have Business Mindset (Not Free Bussinesses Have Costs), Positive Mindset and No Negativity. Ok!

So with this frame of mind I am looking forward helping more people making money with Yoonla.

If you want to join Yoonla program then you can join Free Yoonla Program here.

Furthermore I recommend that you join Yoonla because it’s absolutely free and it pays if you just follow the training and get the traffic to start sending visitors to your landing page.

Here are my results after promoting Yoonla for a few days

I got 79 Subscribers into my GetResponse Account and earned $160 in commissions 24 approved and 136 pending review.

Surely, amount is not big for me as an experienced marketer but if you think of it this way, this is what I earned from buying a 200 click solo ad to promote it. I’ve spent about $100 on traffic and earned $160 that means $60 in profit and the real money i make from my subscriber list by emailing them more offers. Apart from my new 79 subscribers I got from Yoonla I have 11 other lists with a total of 15,484 subscribers at the moment which makes me arount 10k per month.


So, that’s it for now, if you want these results for youself, join here and FOLLOW the training inside. Till then, have a nice day.

Yes! If you have any questions or queries, then you can comment below or hit me up on Facebook. I would be so happy to help you.

Finally, if you like my live Yoonla review then don’t forget to share it.


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