How to Make Money from Bitcoin Faucets

What Is a Bitcoin Faucet

Bitcoin faucets pay out a few satoshis when you load a page full of ads, roll a random number generator (on a page full of ads), or do some other game (on a page full of ads). Bitcoin faucets won’t make you rich, but they’re a great way to get involved with Bitcoin and cryptocurrency phenomenon without buying Bitcoin.

Here’s my thesis: Bitcoin faucets pay out a fraction of a penny per use. What’s worth a fraction of a penny today will be worth more tomorrow if Bitcoin rises. Will Bitcoin rise? Probably. It could also crash. I’m a believer in Bitcoin’s longterm viability.

That’s what makes Bitcoin faucets so appealing to me. They’re a fun hobby with upside potential.

Here’s a lifetime chart of Bitcoin’s market value. Note the large number of big and little spikes and corrections.


Bitcoin Wallet

All Bitcoin faucets require a Bitcoin address, and for that, you’ll need a Bitcoin wallet. I’ve personally used‘s wallet, a cloud-based wallet. Hardcore cryptocurrency enthusiasts only trust wallets they run on their own computer or smartphone, but I’ve personally been happy with

Bitcoin Faucet Math

The best Bitcoin faucets tie their payouts Bitcoin’s price. They’re using exchange APIs to buy satoshis as they go so that their costs are constant in dollars. This is why you’ll see payouts on some faucets rise and fall throughout the day. exemplifies this model.

Some faucets—like those that use microwallets like—pay out from wallets pre-filled by their operators. Most of these display the faucet balance right on the page.

Bitcoin Faucet Pro Tip

Here’s a pro tip for Bitcoin faucet enthusiasts: when the price of Bitcoin falls, that’s when you redouble your efforts. Look at that chart above. Bitcoin has heretofore spiked, fallen, settled out, and risen again. There’s no guarantee that will continue, but I’m an optimist.

Interest in faucets spikes along with the price of Bitcoin. Traffic to our guide goes up with the price of Bitcoin, and so do the number of people clicking through to faucets I recommend.

I understand how that happens, but faucets pay fewer satoshis when Bitcoin goes up. If you want to accumulate more Bitcoin, redouble your efforts when Bitcoin falls, not when it rises.

Bitcoin Faucet Basics

Some faucets pay out automatically and some require users to trigger a payout. Understand how your faucets work and make sure you withdraw those satoshis! The worst thing you can do with a faucet is earn Bitcoins and leave them sitting there forever.

There are untold numbers of faucets. Many are scams, poorly maintained, or abandoned. This is the point behind my guide to faucets that actually pay. I do the work of finding legit faucets.

But, there’s a finite number faucets you’ll have time for. Pick and choose your battles by focusing on faucets that pay well and are fun. If you don’t like a faucet, move on to another.

Bitcoin CAPTCHA Tips

CAPTCHA systems stop bots from using Bitcoin faucets. Some use text humans can discern, but computers find difficult. One of those systems is ReCAPTCHA, which is operated by Google. It sucks. I get false positives and negatives all the time. ReCAPCTHA is inaccurate and requires more and more clicks as time goes on.

If your faucet offers a choice in CAPTCHA systems, proactively choose the one you find easiest wherever you can.

Another tip is to reload a CAPTCHA if it’s too hard or annoying. I skip every Google CAPTCHA that requires you to click squares until no matching criteria are left. Those take too damned long and are an excellent example of engineers designing for a problem instead of the user.

Solve Media is the next most popular CAPTCHA with a mix of advertising videos and text. The videos take too long, and I reload them until I get text. Rarely, Solve Media comes under bot attack, their CAPTCHAs can become illegible. There’s nothing to do but reload until you get one you can read.

My Favorite Bitcoin Faucets

Here’s a cheat sheet of my favorite faucets I use when I’m short on time. Note that some of these faucets offer gambling games I’m neither testing nor promoting. This is the king of faucets. They offer reward points, free lottery tickets, and they pay interest on your balance (above 30,000 satoshis). This faucet has gambling games I’m neither testing nor promoting. screenshot from April 4th, 2017 It’s the sister site to and works the same way. They don’t have the rewards, lottery, or interest. This faucet pays very well. has also become my new favorite task site. Watch videos, visit sites, fill out surveys, download apps, etc. Make sure to confirm your email when you register or you can’t withdraw.

BonusBitcoin: This is the highest-paying 15 minute faucet around. It’s fast with occasional popup/redirects. This faucet (and its sister) is unique in that it adds 1 satoshi to its payout every few seconds. The longer you wait between collections, the bigger the payout.

MultiCoin Faucet: This site has faucets for Bitcoin and Ethereum (you’ll need both to register), and you can roll two faucets for each coin. There’s a free “Roll Dice” faucet and a free “Faucet” under the “Earn” menu for both cryptocurrencies. Plus, their CAPCTHA is fast.

SwissAdsPaysFaucet: I’m still testing this one, too, but I’m optimistic it will pay. Its minimum payout is currently 101 satoshis, the highest of the hourly faucets.


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