World of Tanks – Swedish Tech Tree Official Announcment

Good day, The WarGaming portals have made their official announcement for the Swedish tech trees. Nothing you all haven’t heard a thousand times by now, but they do have some nice looking official screenshots.


World of Tanks Console- PS4 Pro

Good day everyone, While update 3.4 is delayed on the Xbox Consoles, it went full steam ahead for PS4 users do to bringing support for PS4 Pro, with HDR support and upscaling to 4k. “Wargaming always trying to be at the forefront when it comes to new technologies in the games,” said TJ Wagner, Executive... Continue Reading →

9.17 Supertest Change List

Hello, Full change list for the first round of Supertest for Update 9.17. Added the Swedish tech tree, including to branches. One TD branch and one of lights Tier 1-3, mediums Tier 4-7, and heavies Tier 8-10. Tank List Strv m / 42 Strv m / 38 Lago Strv fm / 21 Ikv 90 Typ... Continue Reading →

The MacBook Pro is a lie

Many of us have been talking our way around this issue for the past week without directly confronting it, so I feel like now’s as good a time to address it as any: Apple’s new MacBook Pro laptops are not designed for professional use   This should come as no surprise to those who’ve long... Continue Reading →

Supertest- Pilsen Changes

Good day everyone, A while back you may remember that WarGaming had started testing out a few changes to the Pilsen map. Well a few more changes have been made. While some changes are consistant, such as changes to the map size to 1000×1000m, WG is playing around with several ideas for the eastern portion... Continue Reading →

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