Designer on Print on Demand Webpages

Hello everyone, As a Designer on Zazzle and other Print on Demand Webpages it is easy to create some awesome Stuff like, Mugs, Shirts, Cards and many more! But nothing will happen if there is no Feedback from People like you. I would appreciate if someone will look in my Stores and give some comments.... Continue Reading →


Celebrities without makeup captured by Chuck Close

Vanity Fair‘s Hollywood Issue shows stars without the usual layers of cover-up and expert facial shading. Julia Roberts, Brad Pitt, Scarlett Johansson and other celebrities were captured without the assistance of professional makeup artists in this rare photography series. The stars are shown through the lens of renowned artist Chuck Close who is known for... Continue Reading →

How smartphone cameras took over the world

In the early 2000s, the digital photography revolution made it possible for miniaturized camera hardware and image sensors to be packed into cell phones without adding a significant amount of weight. Then the iPhone was announced. As the smartphone war began, the camera became an important part of the ongoing spec race. Competitors tried to... Continue Reading →

Saint Lucia – Sankta Lucia

Luciadagen (Lucia's Day) is one of my favourite days for being in Sweden. The day is greatly loved by Swedes (and visitors who stumble across Lucia celebrations are just besotted by their charm). If you are planning to visit Sweden in the run up to Christmas, try and arrange your visit to coincide with Luciadagen. What is it... Continue Reading →

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