Awesome Art of Claudette Hasenjager

Hello Everyone, During my stay at Society6 i stummbled of this awesome Artist. Claudette Hasenjager Profil Society6 Not so lucky Shattered-10


Finest Designs on Shirts and more…

Daniel Giraffe 2   Nuggets   Leopard   Abstract Giraffes multicolor textures   Iguana Red   Vintage flowers Leaves Zebra TacoPool Dots Lizards 2 Feel the Beat 2 Feel the Beat Shiny Plates E50M Härjedalen Under Water Inside Over the Hill Lizards    

Bestselling Gifts on Zazzle – Ornaments and Cards

Hello, here are some of the most selled Gifts on Zazzle! Maybe you are looking for some gifts, here are some products that are available. It is possible to add your own photos and create a unik present for your loved ones.

Designer on Print on Demand Webpages

Hello everyone, As a Designer on Zazzle and other Print on Demand Webpages it is easy to create some awesome Stuff like, Mugs, Shirts, Cards and many more! But nothing will happen if there is no Feedback from People like you. I would appreciate if someone will look in my Stores and give some comments.... Continue Reading →

Chiharu Shiota’s “Uncertain Journey” Installation Utilizes 750,000 Meters of Thread

Japanese installation artist Chiharu Shiota is primarily known for her large-scale works of art, regularly using yarn to create huge, intricate web networks that could easily be mistaken for some kind of levitating paint. For her latest exhibition, “Uncertain Journey”, Shiota has transformed Berlin’s Blain|Southern gallery using 750,000 meters of thread from 5,000 balls of blood-red... Continue Reading →

The detail in Taylor Mazer’s dark illustrations is eye-melting!

How on Earth does Taylor Mazer make these extremely detailed sketches with just a micron pen? The Michigan-based freelance illustrator is a master of making dark alleyways and facades look so photogenic, you’d think they were photographs. Detailed brick by brick, Mazer’s micron pen illustrations set in the Midwest, when viewed up close reveal a truly time-consuming process. Mazer is currently attending Kendall College... Continue Reading →

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