‘Borrowed Time’ is a phenomenal short full of tragic moments and gorgeously animated visuals

We recently  stumbled upon this gem of a short film a few days ago and just had to share. It’ll get you all teary-eyed. The animated short, “Borrowed Time,” is directed by Andrew Coats & Lou Hamou-Lhadj, and produced by Amanda Deering Jones with the (awesome) soundtrack supplied by Academy Award winner Gustavo Santaolalla. Gorgeously animated... Continue Reading →


YouTube is still having trouble getting people to pay for YouTube

When YouTube Red launched a year ago, the plan was for the service to grow into a competitor against the likes of Netflix and Hulu. Now, less than a year later, subscriber totals show that YouTube still has a long way to go before the public will accept paying a monthly fee for YouTube. According... Continue Reading →

World of Tanks Development: New Mechanics for Swedish Vehicles

Hello, here are some new facts about the upcoming new Swedish tanks in World of Tanks! More Swedish tank news Blog World of Tanks https://youtu.be/MlTx7355nJM Strv 103B Video Footage Hello, Here’s some video  footage of the upcoming Strv 103B, unfortunately, WordPress doesn’t really like the player where it’s available so here’s the link: https://vk.com/video-70226354_456239270   SuperTest: Swedish Strv... Continue Reading →


Developed by Hello Games, the indie studio behind PS3 hit Joe Danger, No Man's Sky is a science-fiction game without limits. If you see a mountain, you can trek there. If you see a planet hanging on the horizon, it's a real place, with its own rich ecology of creatures and vegetation. You can get... Continue Reading →

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