Yoonla™ Review – CPA Marketing made easy

Have you heard about something called Yoonla recently? Wonder what Yoonla is? A scam or a legit opportunity? Is it for beginners or make money online veterans? These and many other questions will get answered in my Yoonla review. My In Depth Yoonla Review! This is the first time that I doing a review of Yoonla. I mean I will give … Continue reading Yoonla™ Review – CPA Marketing made easy


Social influencers

Social influencers (as I often talk about in my Snapchat and Instagram) are the next big things. Creating, engaging, and maintaining a loyal following and then monetizing that is how thousands of people today are making large sums of money. Check out Jatch, not only are they the single most hassle-free Instagram auto-pilot service out … Continue reading Social influencers

Slavery in Nepal

Nepalis are brutalized by slavery at home and abroad. Poverty pushes them into debt bondage slavery when financial emergencies strike. A lack of knowledge makes them easy prey for international traffickers posing as foreign labor recruiters. We educate and empower Nepalis to break slavery’s grip. Nepal’s economy depends on people leaving home. Money sent back by … Continue reading Slavery in Nepal

Ice Hotel

Each year Sweden’s  Ice Hotel is constructed anew and accepts guests for the winter months. The annual spectacle experience commissions 13 artists to sculpt an entire room each to be the high-end ‘artist suites.’ The Ice Hotel artwork revealed this season is mind-melting. Among the designs are an old-fashioned cinema; by Mikael Nilsson and Ingemar … Continue reading Ice Hotel

How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Surrender to Psytrance

There I was, standing on the shore of a lake in Portugal barefoot on a wet sandy dance floor in the very center of a structure that looked like the inside of a psychedelic beetle. At my feet was a mound of empty water bottles and other sloppy belongings that had accumulated throughout the day, … Continue reading How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Surrender to Psytrance